Recently the LA Daily Post and the Los Alamos Reporter featured an obituary for Janet Tallman. In reading the obituary, it is clear that Janet was a very special woman to many people.

Among those to whom Janet was special were us at Los Alamos Family Council.  Janet worked for LAFC starting in 1965 and worked for our agency for more than 25 years!  She remained a supporter of LAFC since then.

Sadly, nearly none of the current staff ever had the opportunity to meet Janet, but the impact she made on this community during her time as an LAFC staff member and an LAFC supporter is undeniable. Below are images of newspaper clippings that LAFC has kept in its scrapbooks to help remember our history.

To learn more about Janet, you can read her obituary at the LA Daily Post or the Los Alamos Reporter.

Los Alamos Family Council is blessed to have been the agency Janet chose to serve the community. Our thoughts go out to Chuck and the rest of the family as they celebrate her life.

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