Gifts of matured securities may be made into our endowment through Los Alamos Community Foundation. Here are the instructions provided by them to complete a transfer. Make sure to notify Rachel Kizielewicz that the transfer is for the Los Alamos Family Council Endowment.

Please instruct your current broker/custodian to “DTC” your donation to the Los Alamos Community Foundation’s account at Charles Schwab. Your broker will most likely require you to provide them with a written “LOA” = Letter of Authorization which indicates the name of the security, the number of shares and includes the following delivery instructions:

Los Alamos Community Foundation
Schwab Account # 9080-7457 DTC
Clearing #0164, Code 40

Please Note: Due to banking privacy laws, we are unable to access donor information through the financial agencies that process your transfer. It is imperative that you provide us with the following information so that we may properly acknowledge and receipt your gift:

Donor Name(s) – first and last
Donor address and phone
Name of security and number of shares transferring

Also share that the transfer is for the Los Alamos Family Council Endowment.

Above information should be sent to Rachel Kizielewicz at

If you need additional help with the delivery process you can contact our investment manager, Eric Loucks, at Enterprise Bank & Trust.

Eric L. Loucks
VP, Investment Officer / Enterprise Bank & Trust
1200 Trinity Drive / Los Alamos, NM 87544