Los Alamos Family Council (LAFC) is a 501 (c) (3) corporation. Tax deductible contributions may be made to any program of the LAFC.

The Counseling Center funding primarily comes from primary and government sponsored insurance payments for counseling services.  Other current funding sources are listed below.

The Youth Activity Centers are primarily funded through a contract with Los Alamos County. Other current funding sources are listed below.

Both the Counseling Center and the Youth Activity Centers both receive funding from generous individuals, local service organizations, clubs, churches, and businesses.  These donations help ensure LAFC’s continued service levels regardless of a client’s ability to pay.

Corporate Donors & Grantors

Individual Donors

Organizational Donors

Los Alamos Family Council receives support through corporate grants and donations.

Our largest grantor, and longest funder, is the United Way of Northern New Mexico.

We also receive generous support from grants from the Northern New Mexico Health Grant Group – a grant managed by Con Alma.

Additional 2021/2022 corporate grantors and donors include:

Several donors in memorial of Janet Tallman, long time LAFC employee.


Numerous organizations, clubs, and churches provide support through donations and small grants. These organizations include:

  • Kiwanis Club of Los Alamos
  • Rotary Club of Los Alamos
  • Elks Club of Los Alamos