Sherry Willis is long-time local of Los Alamos, working and retiring from Los Alamos National Laboratory.  Willis served on the Los Alamos Family Council Board in September 2016 after being recruited by then Executive Director, Joy Beery.  Willis served on the Board until April 2020, serving as Vice President of the Board for three years.

Sherry thought serving on the Board would be a way to give back to the organization that had helped her before.  As a former client at the Counseling Center, receiving services to help her better connect with her son and improve their communications, Willis believed that helping the Los Alamos Family Council better reach the community was a worthwhile effort. Willis stated, “Being a board member is a great way to help out the organization as one is able.”

After learning how much assistance is provided to individuals who receive discounted services, Willis began donating as she could.  She had other family members who were already donors and saw that the need was great.  She made another donation during the COVID-19 public health emergency because she sees how many people are struggling with anxiety and depression and knew that LAFC would be needed to help meet their needs.

Willis sees Los Alamos Family Council as a key organization in our community. “This is a very special town,” Willis said. “The people in this town do a good job of taking care of each other, and this is important. It is not only a good thing to do but can make you feel good inside.”

Willis has been a wonderful donor and volunteer for LAFC for years now.  Los Alamos Family Council is proud to be supported by Sherry Willis.

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