LANL employees who give to Los Alamos Family Council through a payroll deduction get their gift matched by Triad!! Last year the match was at $0.50 per $1! That’s a huge boost to your giving! Think of how many more people we can help with that match!

It’s easy to set up through LANL, and you can make a one-time or biweekly deduction from your paycheck. Read on for detailed instructions.

Go to LANL Inside (the internal homepage)
Look for and click on the green button that says GIVE/VOLUNTEER – (it is the same row with the Oracle – the time and labor system)

Use your CryptoCard to log in
From the Welcome page, choose “Employee Giving”

Type: Los Alamos Family Council
Select “exact phrase”
Select: New Mexico
Select: Biweekly or one-time

We are the organization that will populate: Los Alamos Family Council

Select us and make your donation. Be sure to hit “save and proceed”, then “submit”, and wait for the confirmation screen.

If we don’t already have your contact information, please provide it. We get sad when we can’t send you a thank you letter! And you can designate your gift for a certain program, as well.

That’s it! Thank you so much for making a difference.