The programs offered by Los Alamos Family Council have received funding and support from numerous entities throughout the history of our organization.  These past few years have seen the rise of new corporate funders.  Among these is N3B – Los Alamos.

The first time N3B – Los Alamos provided support to Los Alamos Family Council was through a grant to provide additional staff to serve has “homework helpers” at the Youth Activity Centers.  These homework helpers started in the fall semester of 2019 and continued through the spring semester until the COVID-19 public health emergency closed the Youth Activity Centers.  The homework helpers then continued to serve the YAC members by generating online content.

N3B – Los Alamos continued their support of Los Alamos Family Council by helping to recruit a board member, our current board treasurer, Mary Erwin.

Additional funding was recently provided by N3B – Los Alamos for our Intensive Outpatient Programs for the second half of 2021 and the first half of 2022.  The support provided by N3B – Los Alamos is helping Los Alamos Family Council to continue to offer the individual and group therapy needed for those in the Intensive Outpatient Program regardless of the ability of those individuals to pay.

We want to thank N3B – Los Alamos for the generous support of our programs and their involvement in our community. For more information about N3B – Los Alamos you can visit their webpage by following this link.

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