An extra 50%!!

50 cents for every dollar!!

That’s the power of the Los Alamos National Laboratory employer match for donations made through payroll deductions.

Generous individuals within our community help nonprofits like Los Alamos Family Council meet program and organizational needs. Those donors who work for LANL and elect to have their donations made through payroll deductions create a true miracle of turning every dollar into $1.50.

Those who elect for these payroll deductions benefit Los Alamos Family Council in two ways – their individual donation and the automatic creation of an additional donation from LANL. Los Alamos Family Council currently benefits from more than $3,000 in these matching funds.

If you or a family member work at LANL, you can use the donation through payroll deduction to help Los Alamos Family Council receive an even larger donation. If you move your donation from a single check of $100 to payroll deduction, your donation of $100 benefits Los Alamos Family Council to the tune of $150.

You can have a single lump sum taken or you can have your donation split across paychecks throughout the year – whichever is easiest for you.

Please consider using the LANL payroll deduction platform to make your donation. To do this you can use the instructions found here.

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