August is a busy month for most of us.  For those of us with kids, we’re transitioning to getting them to school, ensuring they have lunches packed, completing their homework, and getting a full night’s rest.  For those of us who work with kids, we’re learning new faces and names, we’re going through our checklists to ensure we have everything done, and we’re trying to get back into the flow of things.

Back to School time can be stressful.  Stress alone can be a reason for seeking help.  For some, coping with stress comes with its own issues – including losing sleep, higher blood pressure, alcohol and drug use, and, for some, suicidal ideation. 

These can be issues for our children, parents, grandparents, and school staff. 

This is a time that each of us may need to be looking for how we can reach out a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, or a sounding board.  It’s also important to know when to encourage your loved one to seek professional assistance.

There are a few things we can do to help those with changing schedules. Develop a new habit that includes:

  • A bedtime routine – getting sufficient sleep can help with many stressful situations and lead to better health.
  • A balanced diet – the demands of school, and our new routines, take a lot of energy. A balanced healthy diet will better meet that need than the junk food we may have turned to these past couple months.
  • Daily schedule – a schedule that includes time for sleep, play, study, eating, socializing, and relaxing is a schedule that sets you up for success.
  • Intentional and open communication – each school year brings new stress, but this school year may be more stressful for some than others. Taking the time to have open and honest communication about how to be safe, setting boundaries, and the changes from last school year can help prevent confusion, anger, and frustration.

If you, or someone you know, needs help this school year Los Alamos Family Council is here to help.  If you are looking for safe, supervised afterschool activities for kids in grades 3rd through 8th, our two Youth Activity Centers are always free to attend! You can learn more here.

If you’re needing mental health support, our Counseling Center is ready and able!  We are currently accepting new clients. We’re also holding afterschool appointment times for teachers and students. You can learn more information about our Counseling Center by clicking here. You can learn more about our therapists by clicking here.

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