Employee Highlight – Jordan Redmond

This month marks five years since Jordan Redmond joined the Los Alamos Family Council team as an employee. Jordan is currently serving as Los Alamos Family Council’s Executive Director. Before assuming this role in April 2019, Jordan served as Program Director for the Youth Activity Centers starting in November 2016. Prior to being an employee

Back to School

August is a busy month for most of us.  For those of us with kids, we’re transitioning to getting them to school, ensuring they have lunches packed, completing their homework, and getting a full night’s rest.  For those of us who work with kids, we’re learning new faces and names, we’re going through our checklists

Funder Highlight – Con Alma Health Foundation

For many years Los Alamos Family Council has received annual support from the Con Alma Health Foundation (Con Alma) and the Northern New Mexico Health Grants Group to directly reduce the cost of services for clients. The Northern New Mexico Health Grants Group was established in May 2002 with the sale of the Los Alamos

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