We welcome direct donations but there are other ways to support Los Alamos Family Council:

  • If you have a soft spot in your heart for mental health and/or substance abuse, if it has affected you, your family or your loved one, please consider naming Los Alamos Family Council as a memorial donation “in lieu of flowers” at the passing of someone close to you.
  • Make a bequest to LAFC in your will or trust:
    • “I bequeath to Los Alamos Family Council the sum of $____ (or ____% of the residue pf my estate) for continuing the work of providing behavioral health care.
  • For Lab employees and retirees, record your volunteer hours in the Lab’s volunteer system and designate the Lab donation to go to Los Alamos Family Council. The volunteer hours can be for anything/any program in the community. The Lab gives up to $500 per volunteer (for up to 500 hours) to the designated agency. The volunteer hours can be to a variety of locations but all the Lab donation goes only to the agency designated.
  • If you shop at Smiths, link your Smith’s card to the Family Council Youth Activity Center. Smiths gives a small percent of your purchases to the program you select.
  • If you shop at Amazon (and who doesn’t), go to Smile.Amazon.com to place your order instead of Amazon.com. First designate Los Alamos Family Council as recipient. They give .05% of your purchases to us–at no cost to you. You will still be using your  Amazon Prime or Kindel Unlimited.